Boca Raton Fine Art Show to include Jewish Artists



    The upcoming 4th Annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show will include Judaic artists. The show — which runs from Jan. 19-20, is presented by

    Jewelry designer Lisa Ben-Zeev is among the featured artists. She is an Illinois native who will be participating in the fine art show for the first time with her Judaica themed jewelry. “My jewelry pushes the boundaries on adornment by using materials that aren’t typically found in Jewelry. My customers tend to like a more eclectic look. I used everything from fossilized alligator teeth to Bison teeth mixed with opals and pearls for my jewelry,” said Ben-Zeev.

    Ben-Zeev elaborated on her line of Judaica. “I make Jewish stars and they are organic and very different from what is normally seen in Judaica jewelry. The stars are very abstract and original; the majority of them are made using heat treated sterling silver. The process of heat treating melts the silver so the edges will be crinkled up, and the heat changes the colors of the metal to the surprise of most of my customers. My work is more art than jewelry. The majority of people who purchase my work say that it is the most unusual pieces they have ever seen.”

    “When it comes to my Judaica stars I am a firm believer that the star picks the owner. I feel that there is a certain spiritual event occurring when my customers select their jewelry,” Ben-Zeev added. “I have two lines of jewelry. The gallery line and a line I call my heat treated sterling. My Judaic line begins at $32 and goes to $200, and my gallery line which utilizes gold, minerals, fossilized teeth, opals and pearls begins at $200 and go up to $3,000.”

    To purchase Ben-Zeev’s Judaica jewelry, you may stop by her booth at the fine art show; you can email her at or visit her website at

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