Keep Weight Loss Resolution with the Right Workout Regimen

  • Keep Weight Loss Resolution with the Right Workout Regimen


    Over the next couple of months, many will be resolving to get fit this year. Whether joining a gym for the first time or switching routines because a gym membership is up, the task of finding the right club can make all the difference in how long you stick to it.  Between fancy workout gear, expensive gadgets and all the health-hype of the New Year, it’s a smart time to shop around for the right fitness regimen.

    There are plenty of options to help jumpstart the New Year in top form. Here’s a sampling:

    For those longing for lean legs and swan-like arms, Pure Barre, at 350 Esplanade in Downtown Boca adds a new dimension to the mix of the area’s existing gyms and exercise studios. The studio integrates a full-body workout with low-impact, and strength training to problem areas that women struggle with most by, ”tapering in and lifting up,” like a ballerina.

    Salsa lovers should head over to Loibel Dance Studio for Zumba, body sculpting and yoga classes. Loibel Clark, owner and fitness professional, blends her passion for dance with fun, upbeat classes to successfully shimmy away pounds. First time visitors receive a free class!

    Women struggling to stay motivated will appreciate the Rod Squad, located at 306 S. Federal Hwy. in Downtown Boca Raton. Rod, owner and personal trainer, takes pride in creating customized semi-private workouts with comprehensive nutritional plans that are supercharged to burn fat. Fitness pros can opt for outdoor athletic conditioning to prepare for everything from the Spartan Race to a svelte bikini body. Even further, race fanatics can enjoy the “Training for Trophy” program, covering all aspects of race conditioning.

    Die-hard gym-goers will appreciate, Level 5 Fitness at 101 Plaza Real South in suite C. The health club provides a wide range of high-quality services to meet the needs of people of all ages, interests and fitness goals. There are a number of group classes to choose from and try now.

    Synergy Fitness, a boutique gym located at 221 E. Palmetto Park Rd. in Downtown Boca, offers a unique and creative approach to training, combining nature and fitness to achieve a harmonious balance. Its “60 Day Life Plan,” teaches participants how nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and supplements impact healthy living.

    Yogis will enjoy working out at Beehive Fitness at 152 S. Federal Hwy., Royal Palm Plaza. Its training module integrates different types of formats including indoor cycling, weight training, TRX and Rip training, kettlebell workouts, and boxing in addition to Pilates and yoga classes.

    Tight pockets this year? Join the City of Boca Raton and Downtown Boca for a free yoga and capoeira class in Sanborn Square every Saturday from 9-10:30 a.m. Take a deep breath, relax and check out The Fair Trade Boutique, at 64 S. Federal Hwy., for free yoga classes as well.

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